Danse Macabre

The Beginning of the End of Time

Chapter 25

They meet a Dwarven alchemist with a company of 50 well-armed dwarven soldiers. He is the Elder, 250 years old. He wants to investigate the Winter Forest and the magical properties of the seasons. As he greets the party he asks them for their names, and calls the one without name as Nameless and looks at him through a magical monocle. He then brings up a crystal sphere with runes floating through it. He tells Nameless to meet the First Dwarf of his Clan.

The Alchemist sends an escort of 16 dwarves to take them to the first Dwarf of their Clan, older than 10,000 years, who still remembers the last darkness and who has been sustained through Alchemy in a metallic body.
Bronya sends a raven saying that Wolfwater is flooded and she has moved to the Winter Forest.

On their way, the sky is darkened by an eclipse. The earth shakes, and the sky is covered in ashes that rain down. They see lights in the darkness, luring them to come. Nameless loses one of his men. There is complete darkness and only the red eyes of the Dwarves can find their way. After the earthquake, there are lights in the sky, fire raining down upon them. Nameless is dancing in the fire rain, avoiding all the fireballs. Ghee’drum takes shelter under the dwarven shield formation, and helps a female dwarf as her beard catches fire. Leon runs to a cave and his son is hit by fire on their way. Leon uses his elven power to heal his son, and now looks older.

The First Dwarf explains that an Aeon lasts for 10,000 years and that the God of Time, who is sleeping and dreaming this whole existence, wants to wake up in his nightmare and thus weakens the foundations of Creation. He is chained in a cage and will be forced to fall asleep again, but during this time the barrier between worlds is weak.

He shows them a crystal ball mirror with the Empire being consumed by what is known as the Scourge – Sha’rim’s demonic army. The Tirachs and Kamorians are holding the southern border against these demons. They see the unrecognizable face of Sha’rim, the Demon Prince. The Lich King and his army is has started to march to the western shores of North Kamoria, in an attempt to take the Dwarven Stronghold that is held by the Dragon.

The Aeonic Dwarf tells Nameless that he is unique, having No Name, he can become Anyone. He can become the Lost God of Order now that Sha’rim has reincarnated as the God of Chaos, who spread his essence across the Empire initially held secure but later abused by the corrupted priesthood. The God of Order put his entire essence in one piece, as fitting, guarded by the Dwarves at first, but now taken by the greed of the Dragon.

The First Dwarf explains that Sha’rim is now an incarnation of the God of Chaos, and that Chaos was defeated in the last Aeon by the other Gods and banished into several fragments, held safe by the followers of the God of Light (Daach). However, the God of Chaos corrupted these followers into using the fragments, known as demons, and eventually Sha’rim gathered enough of them within himself to give the God of Chaos self-awareness again.

The God of Stasis was held safe by the dwarves in one core, kept safe in the stronghold now taken by the dragon. This core is the main reason they advanced technologically, and also what has been keeping the First Dwarf alive for so long.

They are ready to head to the fallen stronghold and confront both the dragon and the lich king, in order for Nameless to become a God. The First Dwarf is asking Nameless to give back their stronghold once he becomes a God, and to give up his Scythe of Death that Dibuk gave him. There may be one more requirement….


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