Leon Authwe

Pyar Elf who's married to a human woman. Ylva's brother in law.


Leon is a Pyar Elf. He is 125 years old.


Fifteen years ago he met a human woman, Lorelle, and fell in love with her. They then got married and had a son, Rhett. Leon and his small family lived in the capital, outside the city wall.

Soon after the son was born, Leon decided to learn sorcery. He learned light magic, which allows him to create light and blind people with light, also psycho magic that allows him to do telepathy and to make people feeling pain. However, the consequence of learning magic was that Leon wouldn’t be able to have any more children. He lived with it.

Sorcery was forbidden by the government. So, before joining the mercenary Leon made a living by teaching magic tricks to the elite’s children in the city and being a healer. These became his cover job when he joined the group.

Leon Authwe

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