Danse Macabre

Killing Grimhild

Chapter 15

Joralf talks to Sha’rim and sees his strength, even though he mourns the end of his family line ruling Dunthorpe. He advises Sha’rim to be on his side, and he seems to have his own agenda.

Hekla comes and helps Sha’rim take control of The Spear of Sorrow by tattooing runes and symbols on his body, mainly the torso. This allows Sha’rim to control the size of the Spear of Sorrow from a dagger to a pike. She also reminds him that she is his spiritual advisor, and Sha’rim accepts this.

Lorelle and Rhett arrive with an Imperial trading ship that thinks Dunthorpe is still friendly toward Imperials. Leon sneaks into the ship and gets his wife and son out. However, he runs into Joralf at the longhouse before they change to Kamorian clothing and Joralf becomes suspicious. Leon barely manages to convince him there is nothing to worry about.

The rest of the people on the ship are sacrificed by Wolfram to Dibuk, the God of Death. Grimhild arrives at the end of the sacrifice with her five female apprentices and a smaller army of 200 undead warriors. She raises the Imperials as well and then approaches Sha’rim.

Grimhild asks to be his spiritual advisor, and Sha’rim is hesitant. He sends his raven to ask Hekla if she could control the undead, and Hekla replies that it would take her one day. Sha’rim then asks Grimhild about the Spear of Sorrow, and she is impressed by the demon inside but considers it a challenging task that would take months if she were to tame it.

Sha’rim tells Grimhild to accept Hekla has her superior and she tries to seduce him, as a desperate method to control him. As Sha’rim is succumbing, he remembers his engagement to Bronya and his own integrity as a man, and decides to kill Grimhild rather than letting her control him. Xarael is released and reveals that Grimhild’s true master is the Lich King.

In the battle, Grimhild gets the upper hand and causes a severe bleeding in Sha’rim’s chest through necromancy, and Leon manages to burst in after sensing the use of harmful magic and dispel her next attempt to kill Sha’rim. Wolfram then arrives and fights Grimhild as Leon is dragging Sha’rim out of harm’s way. Grimhild once again gets the upper hand and causes both an internal damage as well as a moderate bleeding in Wolfram. Leon returns and uses his psychomancy to put Grimhild in severe pain, and Wolfram finishes her off with an ethereal scythe.

As they recover from the battle, Sha’rim manages to survive the blood loss despite the failed attempt Leon made to stop the bleeding. Wolfram’s bleeding is successfully stopped, but he is hesitant to allow anyone but Leonardo to perform surgery to heal his internal wounds.

When evening falls, Jorne arrives outside the city gates with the army of the Deer-clan.


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