Danse Macabre

A feast at Wolfwater

Chapter 23

Hjordis encounters the Tirach Mulush whom she betrayed when stealing dwarven artifacts for her Jarl, and got him accused of stealing from the dwarves which started the dwarven war against the tirachs and drove them south. She decides to try to avoid Mulush and hides under a table.

During the feast with Bronya, all the wine and mead in everyone’s glass and pitcher turns to blood, as they hear a scream of anguish. This pretty much ends the party.

Despite Lorelle wanting Leon to stay with her, he goes to the woods to learn how to craft elven bows with Miwel and Luneria. They philosophize about the stars and Leon returns to the party when he hears the scream.

Lorelle is nowhere to be found in the morning (Leon doesn’t notice due to his elven party). She went to the winter forest to meet up with Rhett and kidnapped Helga (who is betrothed to Rhett).

Bronya becomes sick, her wound from Estrid starting to become infected. There is bad magic around. Ghee’drum can see that the hate of Estrid has connected her to Bronya and Wolfram has to sever the soul bond between her and Estrid so that Dibuk can embrace Estrid as she leaves the mortal plane.

Wolfram tries to caputre an orphan and sacrifice her to Dibuk, but Leon stops him with the help of Kamorians that are on Estrids side. In order to gain the powers he needs, Dibuk asks Wolfram to sacrifice his name instead of a human sacrifice. Wolfram agrees and becomes even more mentally deranged.


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