In the Kingdom of Kamor, the Old Gods are being challenged by the Jargian Empire’s religion of the One God Daach. Cities are growing larger, with power and wealth residing with a few. Yet the lumbering forests rise above civilization as they ascend the mountains.

Races living in the Empire and visiting Kamor

The Humans
Adasian – Swamp-dwelling people who look creepy.
Cirefalian – Greekish people who are shrewd merchants and tend to marry within the race.
Fedaki – Gypsy-like people living under poor conditions in the Empire, often as slaves.
Jargian – The Imperials, proud of their power.
Kamorian – Savages in the north who worship totem spirits.
Zhan – Arabic people from Mûhad.

The Others
Tirach – Orc-like people where some tribes live in human society.
Elf – Long lives, pointy ears.
Dwarf – They all have beards, and they’re mostly grouchy.
Halfling – Cute, child-like people that live in harmony with nature.

To expand on your character, consider the following

Describe these people and what kind of contact, if any, your character has with them
1.Family / Mentor / Close friends / allies
2. Worst enemies / Rivals
3. Persons your character wants to know / wants to avoid

Describe these places and what impact they had on your character
1. Hometown / place of upbringing
2. Places that affected your character
3. Places your character wants to visit / wants to avoid

Describe these personality traits and what your character is willing to do to fulfill them
1. Major / lesser goals in life – such as becoming king / getting rich
2. Principles / Habits – such as to always be honest or smoking a pipe
3. Weaknesses / Fears / Secrets – being ashamed of behavior / traits, being afraid of the dark / fire / zombies, hiding wealth / crimes / lovers

Danse Macabre

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