Danse Macabre

Arriving in Dunthorpe
Chapter 1

You started on the road, with some extra pork that Rhurn stole. You faced the option of going through a dark forest, or turning back to the village where Ylva, the Priestess of Daach, angered some people. Captain Sha’rim decided to stay the night in an old ruin that Zal cleansed by promising the Chief ghost to give his bones a proper burial. There were Tirachs in the woods observing you.

The following day you arrived at Dunthorpe without accident and got your payment from Isaac for escorting Ylva all the way. After this you acquainted yourselves with Joralf the Bard whom you asked for assistance to bury the Chief’s bones, and Grimhild the Shaman whom you sold the other bones to. She implied wanting to hire you to kill someone.

The evening ended with a dinner in your honor where Sha’rim was challenged by a local to a fist fight. The Kamorian tried to intimidate Sha’rim without success as Sha’rim could see his intentions and Sha’rim stared him down, gaining the psychological advantage. Sha’rim proceeded to take off his armor and got a solid first hit over the eyebrow of his opponent, causing blood to blur his vision. The Kamorian desperately tried to defend himself to no avail and Sha’rim proceeded to put a knee to his opponent’s nose, causing blood to splatter across the table. As the Kamorian lowered his defenses for a futile counter attack Sha’rim put an elbow to his solar plexus and floored his opponent.

Grimhild also said that she would like to use the fresh kill for a ritual, the results of which she would share with Zal. The ritual was one to re-animate bones and for skeletal servants (if I’m understanding it correctly).

From the handsome Leon’s point of view:

The journey to him was as annoying as it was to everyone else. However, he had to hide his feeling because Ylva is his sister in law. He didn’t want to make his wife angry with him.

At the watch tower, while Zal clearing up the place, Leon was assigned by Sha’rim to take Ylva away from the area so she wouldn’t interfere with the ritual. While taking a walk, Ylva saw the fisherman hut that they passed by earlier and suddenly had the thought to preach to the fisherman and possibly convert him into a Daach follower.

Feeling more annoyed by Ylva’s nonsense, Leon tried so hard to persuade her to go back to the campsite/watch tower, assuming Zal was all done with his ritual. Fortunately, luck was on Leon’s side. Ylva agreed because she then thought that it was too late and the fisherman was ready to sleep anyway.

On their way back, they felt being watched. As they looked around, there were two pairs of red eyes between the bush in distance. Ylva got scared and scream, but Leon had lived long enough as an elf that made him having a really good self control.

It was hard to tell what/who those red eyes belonged to because it was really dark. Even Leon’s night vision didn’t help that much. Feeling the danger, Leon decided to take Ylva on detour to go back to the campsite. Then he told Sha’rim about what he saw. Sha’rim apparently assumed that those eyes belonged to Tirachs so he asked two person from the group to take the watch over night. Leon and Rhurn the Dwarf volunteered to take shifts doing the watch.


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