Danse Macabre

April downtime
Chapter 6

Leon learns a new magic spell from Hekla called Lumen and works for Sha’rim clearing wood around the fort.
Lahwan, Biorn and Vigdis hunt, but can’t find many animals due to the long winter.
Sha’rim clears wood with Tural and Leon around the fort and trains his wolf pup to sit.
Sha’rim hires Hekla as his spiritual advisor and she makes an offering at the temple, and then takes Sha’rim to a feast at Spring’s throneroom. Spring tells Sha’rim to not hunt the strongest animals.
Miwel visits and delivers a letter from Leon’s wife to him, and a letter from the Jarl to Sha’rim saying the Jarl is coming to hunt and to meet his new vassal in two weeks.

Start of month resources:
18 commodity, 2 luxury

Hunting 14.8 commodity (6 hunters, 70%)
Logging 6.3 commodity (3 loggers, 105%)
Toll 0.9 Commodity (60 Lux x0.5, 90%)

Leon, Tural, Lahwan, Biorn, Vigdis, Hoski, Stein, Miwel and Sha’rim: 2×9 = 18 commodity
Hekla: 2 commodity, 1 luxury
Feast for the Jarl: 1 luxury

End of month resources:
22 commodity, 0 luxury

18 gold
1202 silver

Winter Forest
Chapter 5

Day 1
On their way up the mountain they meet a frozen man in the middle of spring.
Ylva offers to take care of him and bring him to Dunthorpe.
The Scourge continues and get caught in snowstorm.
Lahwan finds an excellent camping place and in the morning Leonardo makes a snowman.
Leon climbs a tree and can spot a pillar of smoke.

As they go deeper into the Winter Forest they see someone is hiding among the trees.
Sha’rim finds Aud, and 8-year old girl with a wounded crow in her arms.
Leonardo heals the crow and Aud leads them to her parents, the rangers Biorn and Vigdis.
The Scourge eats food there and investigates the barn that contains an owl, a sled, some skis and the food storage.
Biorn and Vigdis tells them the winter has lasted for 8 years.

The Scourge continues to travel to the fort of the lord of these lands, Gelte.
On their way the run into a warrior wearing a bear pelt who asks them where Spring is.
When he can’t find Spring, he runs toward them and turn into a snowstorm.
Gelte invites them with hospitality and offers them dinner, and serves all the food himself.
He introduces his wife who is a beautiful woman decorated with fresh flowers – when no flowers grow in this winter.
Sha’rim notices that both Gelte and his wife are wearing similar necklaces, and spots a groove outside the fort which they visit after dinner.
The groove contains a graveyard and there is one grave that is looked after, where Ulma was buried 8 years ago.

Day 2
The Scourge stays the night in Gelte’s barn and travels to the rangers homestead the next morning.
As they approach the bridge Winter does not come.
Leon uses psychic magic to contact Winter who tells him about Spring.
The rangers tell the whole story, that Ulma was Gelte’s wife and she died the night Aud was born.
Since that day, winter has been raging and Gelte doesn’t invite them to his fort anymore.
They say that there is a witch in the north east that could know how to break the curse.
They also warn about a troll cave in the north west.

The Scourge head to the witch’s hut and on their way see a temple dedicated to the seasons.
In the temple they find a sapphire under Winter’s statue that Leonardo takes.
On their way to the witch’s hut they see a pack of wolves eating a deer.
The witch’s hut is next to a ruin where Sha’rim find a pair of magical gloves.
The witch Hekla can help them break the curse with a leather bag.
She wants them to get her a dwarven pipe from the troll’s cave.
She trades 12 magical arrows with Leonardo for his sapphire.
As it is getting dark, the Scourge camps for the night.

Day 3
On their way to the troll cave they meet a tirach, smaller than Shûlger.
They ask him to take them to the troll because they want to trade.
The troll cave entrance is blocked by a thick oak door with a heavy lock.
Inside are two hungry wolves chained to the wall, that the tirach easily kicks away.
They meet the troll, Grote, who offers them furs, weapons and jewelry to trade.
The pipe is nowhere to be seen, so Sha’rim tries to stall and offers the medallions to the troll.
The troll does not want winter to end, but is interested in the medallions.
Leon uses his psychic magic to show an image of the medallion inside Grote’s mind.

Grote become scared and goes berserk inside the cave.
Leonardo shoots and arrow into Grote’s arm and Sha’rim stabs her in the armpit, causing heavy bleeding.
Meanwhile, Lehwan and Tural are fighting the wolves that the tirachs let loose before running away.
Grote breaks Leonardo’s arm and he passes out. Leon uses psychic magic to cause severe pain to Grote.
Sha’rim stabs Grote again in the leg and the troll falls over on Sha’rim and almost breaks his spine.
Sha’rim makes a final attack that finishes the troll off and grabs her key.

In another room Sha’rim finds the pipe and locks the cave to come back later for the loot.
The Scourge travels back to Hekla and gets the leather bag.
She tells them to put the medallions inside to break the curse.
The medallions will bind two people in love, Gelte gave it to Ulma but when she died he gave it to Spring.
Ever since Spring has been bound to Gelte and Winter is now very tired.

The Scourge marches on to Gelte’s fort and tells him about the slain troll.
During the celebration they smoke weed they found in the troll cave.
Everyone except Leon and Spring pass out.
Leon convinces Spring to go outside, where he calls on Winter.
Winter convinces Spring to put the medallion in the leather bag.
Spring returns to the lands, and everyone wakes up to Gelte’s scream.
Gelte runs to Ulma’s grave and mourns, while Spring thanks the Scourge and then becomes a flock of butterflies.

Day 4
Gelte decides to go on a pilgrimage, and leaves the ownership of the Winter Forest to Sha’rim.

Murdering Isaac
Chapter 4

Leon talked to Ylva.
The Scourge went to tirach camp.
The Scourge drank tirach hallucinogenic mushroom beverage and saw a horned creature in their visions.
Tirachs want to kill Isaac that night.
Leon leads Ylva astray.
Sha’rim leads Isaac to tirachs and his raven finds out the money stash is hidden in the Bear Totem in Dunthorpe.
Isaac is killed by Sha’rim.
Tirachs perform ceremony with Isaac’s dead body and grant Sha’rim and Leonardo night vision.
Leon leads Ylva to the ceremony who starts screaming and casting powerful fire prayers.
Leon uses psychomancy to cause severe psychic pain to Ylva.
Ylva passes out and gets amnesia.
As the Scourge travel over the hills to follow Vulfe, they see the imperial ship in the harbor is on fire.

Capturing Manfred
Chapter 3

As morning dawned, the captured Grimhild was brought to trial and would not confess her crimes. Brandur then asked Isaac to make her confess and he performed a ritual involving the burning of a severed animal tongue and making Grimhild’s tongue black. After that she told the whole story, including her conspirations with Manfred the Blacksmith, from Westbay, who participated in the murder of Chief Gorm.

She cannot be killed because she is a witch, and has the power to haunt her killers. Grimhild was instead branded on her chest and sent off in exile. Brandur named Isaac his new spiritual advisor and as a ship with merchants from the empire had arrived that morning, he declared this to be the fruit of his father’s labor. He also thanked Sha’rim and his mercenaries for capturing Grimhild and announced that Sha’rim needed new recruits.

Sha’rim was then contacted by both Leonardo and Vulfe, who wanted to be recruited and he decided to interview them in the long house. Vulfe went out hunting and brought back a dead wolf mother, and two living wolf cubs. After the interviews, Isaac talked to Sha’rim about protecting imperial recruits who would start chopping down the forest the next day to build a church.

Sha’rim then proceeded to march to Westbay with his mercenaries and on his way there he met Shûlger by the watchtower who wanted him to kill Isaac. Sha’rim told Shûlger about the bounty on his head and Leonardo devised a plan for the tirachs to mimic death and then kill Isaac, thus allowing them to get paid twice. Shûlger seemed to enjoy the idea of the plan and invited them to stay at their camp that night.

Sha’rim continued to push his mercenaries to Westbay and they got there early. Leonardo and Vulfe were sent in to retrieve Manfred the Blacksmith, who killed Gorm and now has a bounty on him. Leonardo bought a crossbow and Vulfe had his dagger sharpened at the smithy. Leonardo then convinced Manfred that he had a catapult outside the city that needed reparations, and that he would pay him well for it. After some debate and dangling lots of silver in front of Manfred, he was convinced to go with them. Outside the city he was beat up, subdued and bound by Sha’rim and his gang.

They then hastily returned to Dunthorpe with Manfred and delivered him to Brandur, who decided Eigill should carry out the judgement on Manfred at dawn. After this, Sha’rim and his gang left to visit the tirach camp. Vulfe had his own business to take care of as well.

“There is no catapult…”

It was quite a struggle to capture Manfred. Despite his old age, he is still a good fighter, proven by how he succeeded to kill the chief. I could just shoot him with my arrow, or Sha’rim could beat him to death; It would be easier. But we had to bring him alive to Brandur. Beside, I supposed everyone wanted to see what these two new guys capable of doing.

In the end, though, I still had to use my phycomancy magic to quicken the process. Let that bastard Manfred feel the pain and quit the struggle. I think it was a good decision.

Arresting Grimhild
Chapter 2

The session started at the end of the party, where the Chief Brandur decided to go to the Bear Cave and do the ritual for the old Chief’s bones. Zal fell on the way there, but otherwise everyone did alright in the dark.

At the cave they could hear a bear, and as they approached the bear started moving toward them and was roaring. Zal started talking to the bear who stood up on its hind legs, came down and then backed away. He knew the dead chief and was fine with them performing the burial in his cave. Brandur, Joralf and two thanes started chanting and performing the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Sha’rim noticed three pairs of red eyes in the woods. After a while, the tirach Shulger approached them and asked them if they found the recently deceased chief’s bones and were burying him. Zal told him it was an old chief, and Shulger seemed pleased at this. The tirach then told them that the priest was a nuisance and the old chief had cut down too many trees because of him.

At the end of the ceremony, the bear turned white and passed through the group as a mist, causing Rhurn to drop his items and Sha’rim to get a haunted look on his face.

As they got back to Dunthorpe, Leon talked to Miwel at first about religion, elvish customs and life in general. Then Isaac talked to Leon about protecting Ylva, especially if he should die. He also offered Leon 300 silver per tirach head, or 500 silver to just get them out of the area. He wants to make the trade route safe between Dunthorpe and Westbay, especially for Ylva to go on missionary missions.

During this time, Rhurn investigated Isaacs hut but couldn’t find his stash of gold there. Potentially Isaac hides it elsewhere. Zal had asked Brandur to speak to his dead father since Brandur has dreamt of him every night. Zal was allowed into Brandur’s bedchamber, which was barred from the inside by Brandur. As Brandur fell asleep, Zal could get in touch with his dead father’s ghost, who possessed Brandur’s body, and learn that he was murdered and then his body was desecrated. After this, the ghost started strangling Zal in anger of the memory of being murdered, but after some time he calmed down and Zal was released. During this time, someone tried to get into the room but because they door was barred they didn’t enter.

Sha’rim woke by this noise and saw Grimhild trying to get in there. When she couldn’t, she left and Sha’rim told Rhurn to follow her. After playing hide and seek for a while, Rhurn managed to follow Grimhild to her secret cave. She sent a message to Sha’rim through his raven about it and started exploring the cave.

Before the group could gather there, Rhurn was attacked by Grimhild and the reanimated corpse of the dead chief. Rhurn fought bravely and managed to knock Grimhild out with a poisoned crossbow bolt. The dead chief managed to give Rhurn several wounds and eventually Rhurn was lying on the ground, desperately trying to evade the sword blows.

At this time, Sha’rim, Leon and Zal arrived and together they severed the arms from the dead body and brought it back as evidence. In the cave they found the two thanes of the dead chief.

So, this Miwel lady seemed to have special interest on Leon. The night after the welcoming party she took Leon for a walk and asked him many questions about his personal life. Leon felt uncomfortable with these questions but tried to stay polite to this lady that he just met.

Arriving in Dunthorpe
Chapter 1

You started on the road, with some extra pork that Rhurn stole. You faced the option of going through a dark forest, or turning back to the village where Ylva, the Priestess of Daach, angered some people. Captain Sha’rim decided to stay the night in an old ruin that Zal cleansed by promising the Chief ghost to give his bones a proper burial. There were Tirachs in the woods observing you.

The following day you arrived at Dunthorpe without accident and got your payment from Isaac for escorting Ylva all the way. After this you acquainted yourselves with Joralf the Bard whom you asked for assistance to bury the Chief’s bones, and Grimhild the Shaman whom you sold the other bones to. She implied wanting to hire you to kill someone.

The evening ended with a dinner in your honor where Sha’rim was challenged by a local to a fist fight. The Kamorian tried to intimidate Sha’rim without success as Sha’rim could see his intentions and Sha’rim stared him down, gaining the psychological advantage. Sha’rim proceeded to take off his armor and got a solid first hit over the eyebrow of his opponent, causing blood to blur his vision. The Kamorian desperately tried to defend himself to no avail and Sha’rim proceeded to put a knee to his opponent’s nose, causing blood to splatter across the table. As the Kamorian lowered his defenses for a futile counter attack Sha’rim put an elbow to his solar plexus and floored his opponent.

Grimhild also said that she would like to use the fresh kill for a ritual, the results of which she would share with Zal. The ritual was one to re-animate bones and for skeletal servants (if I’m understanding it correctly).

From the handsome Leon’s point of view:

The journey to him was as annoying as it was to everyone else. However, he had to hide his feeling because Ylva is his sister in law. He didn’t want to make his wife angry with him.

At the watch tower, while Zal clearing up the place, Leon was assigned by Sha’rim to take Ylva away from the area so she wouldn’t interfere with the ritual. While taking a walk, Ylva saw the fisherman hut that they passed by earlier and suddenly had the thought to preach to the fisherman and possibly convert him into a Daach follower.

Feeling more annoyed by Ylva’s nonsense, Leon tried so hard to persuade her to go back to the campsite/watch tower, assuming Zal was all done with his ritual. Fortunately, luck was on Leon’s side. Ylva agreed because she then thought that it was too late and the fisherman was ready to sleep anyway.

On their way back, they felt being watched. As they looked around, there were two pairs of red eyes between the bush in distance. Ylva got scared and scream, but Leon had lived long enough as an elf that made him having a really good self control.

It was hard to tell what/who those red eyes belonged to because it was really dark. Even Leon’s night vision didn’t help that much. Feeling the danger, Leon decided to take Ylva on detour to go back to the campsite. Then he told Sha’rim about what he saw. Sha’rim apparently assumed that those eyes belonged to Tirachs so he asked two person from the group to take the watch over night. Leon and Rhurn the Dwarf volunteered to take shifts doing the watch.


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