Danse Macabre

Killing Grimhild
Chapter 15

Joralf talks to Sha’rim and sees his strength, even though he mourns the end of his family line ruling Dunthorpe. He advises Sha’rim to be on his side, and he seems to have his own agenda.

Hekla comes and helps Sha’rim take control of The Spear of Sorrow by tattooing runes and symbols on his body, mainly the torso. This allows Sha’rim to control the size of the Spear of Sorrow from a dagger to a pike. She also reminds him that she is his spiritual advisor, and Sha’rim accepts this.

Lorelle and Rhett arrive with an Imperial trading ship that thinks Dunthorpe is still friendly toward Imperials. Leon sneaks into the ship and gets his wife and son out. However, he runs into Joralf at the longhouse before they change to Kamorian clothing and Joralf becomes suspicious. Leon barely manages to convince him there is nothing to worry about.

The rest of the people on the ship are sacrificed by Wolfram to Dibuk, the God of Death. Grimhild arrives at the end of the sacrifice with her five female apprentices and a smaller army of 200 undead warriors. She raises the Imperials as well and then approaches Sha’rim.

Grimhild asks to be his spiritual advisor, and Sha’rim is hesitant. He sends his raven to ask Hekla if she could control the undead, and Hekla replies that it would take her one day. Sha’rim then asks Grimhild about the Spear of Sorrow, and she is impressed by the demon inside but considers it a challenging task that would take months if she were to tame it.

Sha’rim tells Grimhild to accept Hekla has her superior and she tries to seduce him, as a desperate method to control him. As Sha’rim is succumbing, he remembers his engagement to Bronya and his own integrity as a man, and decides to kill Grimhild rather than letting her control him. Xarael is released and reveals that Grimhild’s true master is the Lich King.

In the battle, Grimhild gets the upper hand and causes a severe bleeding in Sha’rim’s chest through necromancy, and Leon manages to burst in after sensing the use of harmful magic and dispel her next attempt to kill Sha’rim. Wolfram then arrives and fights Grimhild as Leon is dragging Sha’rim out of harm’s way. Grimhild once again gets the upper hand and causes both an internal damage as well as a moderate bleeding in Wolfram. Leon returns and uses his psychomancy to put Grimhild in severe pain, and Wolfram finishes her off with an ethereal scythe.

As they recover from the battle, Sha’rim manages to survive the blood loss despite the failed attempt Leon made to stop the bleeding. Wolfram’s bleeding is successfully stopped, but he is hesitant to allow anyone but Leonardo to perform surgery to heal his internal wounds.

When evening falls, Jorne arrives outside the city gates with the army of the Deer-clan.

Conquering Dunthorpe
Chapter 14

Snuck into Dunthorpe at night, prepared to set the church and town on fire.
Leonardo went up to gate and taunted guards.
Leon hid in a tree, Sha’rim and Wolfram hid in town.
Guards alarmed the town and Leonardo climbed the walls and snuck into the church and put out the Eternal Fire.
Townsfolk investigated church but Wolfram set it on fire.
Leon ran out and was shot by an arrow.
Leonardo jumped into the water.
Wolfram did epic sneaking.
Sha’rim challenged Brandur and killed him with the Spear of Sorrow and consumed the Bear Spirit.
Wolfram killed the body of the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor's attack
Chapter 13

They start sailing, feeling that the Jarl set them up for a suicide mission. it’s time for revenge.
They are intercepted by Daach inquisitors, who with their more skilled seamen can board Bronya’s ship.
Wolfram quickly jumps aboard their ship and dispatches of the seamen, killing two of them and subduing the other three.
Sha’rim gets challenged by the Inquisitor, who with the help of his Acolytes create a fiery circle containing only him and Sha’rim.
Leonardo dispels the circle after some time, and Leon tries to use magic on the Inquisitor but the magic is dispelled by the Acolytes.
The Inquisitor wears no armor and has no weapon, and gets the upper hand against Sha’rim who is burnened by his plate mail. He attacks with a sword made entirely out of flames that his incantations to Daach summoned. There is no defense against such a weapon and Sha’rim is severly burned, but then makes a counter-attack.
The Inquisitor makes another incantation, while Wolfram switches tactics and shoots an arrow at him that one of the Acolytes block with a wooden board. Leon creates a blinding light in front of the Inquisitor that the remaining Acolyte fails to dispel. Leonardo spits from afar into the eye of the Inquisitor, further lowering his defenses.
As Sha’rim attacks the distracted Inquisitor, his incantation completes and he starts transforming his entire body into flames, thus becoming invulnerable to attacks. Sha’rim manages to hurt him a little before the transformation is complete, but the Inquisitor simply moves his fiery body to occupy the same space as Sha’rim and his face catches fire.
Leonardo fills a bucket with water from the ocean and dumps it on the Inquisitor who is severely hurt by it and makes one final incantation which makes his spirit leave his body. One Acolyte joins him in spirit form, whereas the other is slain by Wolfram before completing his incantation.
Bronya has put herself in a trance and left her body during the battle and now tries to pull back the Inquisitor to his body, but is intercepted by the remaining Acolyte whom she catches.
Sha’rim sacrifices the Acolyte to the Spear of Sorrow, who consumes his soul. Wolfram sacrifices one of the remaining seamen to Dibuk.

The Spear of Sorrow explains that Gods and Demons are both spiritual beings that were once the same, but the Gods decided to not interfere directly with the mortal world and instead gather followers who could act in their stead and channel the power of the Gods to their best capacity. The Spear of Sorrow claims that the souls of these followers are consumed by the Gods as they die, and then sent to the Underworld where they decompose and then form new souls that then occupy newborn bodies. He himself simply takes what he wants in the mortal world, which is why most Gods despise him as a demon. He also consumes souls, but the residue still eventually moves down into the Underworld where all souls must go to be reborn. A new soul is simply a mix of many old souls that have decomposed, much like buckets of water that empty their contents into the ocean and then refill themselves will be a mix of all that water.

Sha’rim decides to head to Dunthorpe to deal with the Inquisitors where they have established themselves and also deal with Brandur.

The Tomb of the Lich King, part 2
Chapter 12

From the library room (4) they find a hidden doorway behind the bookshelves leading into a room (3) with a deep pool of water, where at the bottom there is an old corpse in armor that hasn’t rusted, with a sword and shield and jeweled rings. Wolfram swims down and is attacked by the corpse, but manages to escape with 5 jeweled rings.
They continue to the next room (5) where the homunculus is cornered and a sphere of glass containing moving shadows hangs in the ceiling. Leon communicates telepathically with the homunculus who agrees to take them to the heart of the dungeon for the price of a blood sacrifice. Wolfram takes the glass sphere.
They then pass through a room (13) where two Deathwatchers stand as pieces of armor, guarding a doorway to the heart of the tomb. The homunculus knows another way.
The continue through the dungeon lead by the homunculus and reach a room (6) full of bones on the ground, with valuable equipment. The homunculus warns them that if anything is stolen they will rise and fight.
Finally they reach a prayer room (12) devoted to Dibuk, with an altar. The only way to get through this room is to make a blood sacrifice at the altar, which Wolfram happily does, which reveals a hidden door behind the altar.
They now enter The Lich King’s Tomb (14), containing the Spear of Sorrow. It used to pierce the black heart of the Lich King, but is now thrown to the side and the shaft is shattered. An unconscious elven woman lies next to the shattered spear (she is the hero that defeated him).
Wolfram takes the Spear of Sorrow and it controls him to stab himself in the abdomen. The spear takes his blood and from it forms a new shaft, along with absorbing the demon within Wolfram. As Wolfram then drops the spear, Sha’rim decides to wield it, something Wolfram is fine with. The demon then leads him down into the Underworld, where the Lich King escaped to. It is a cavernous system full of dead spirits. Sha’rim meets his father, Wolfram meets his lover, and Leon meets his great great great great grandfather. They then decide to get back to the surface and leave the Tomb.


The Tomb of the Lich King
Chapter 11

Leon notices that there is something strange about the butcher in Eaglecliff.
Wolfram hangs out with Grimhild.
Sha’rim tries to find a boat to take them to the Forgotten Island, but no one wants to.
Bronya has a boat and takes them to the island as their captain.
As they reach the island, they see a group of dead adventurers outside the gates of the tomb. Wolfram loses control and starts eating the fresh corpses, but Sha’rim makes him snap out of it with his leadership skills.

Went through the first room (1) with zombies that they had to fight.
They continue to a room (8) which is an alchemy room where bodies were prepared to become undead. Contains equipment for necromancy.
In the next room (7) they encounter servant homunculus in a room full of broken glass and shelves. The homunculus protects a vial of blood, containing the blood-avenger. May be released and crawl into a person’s mouth to drown them and take over their body. The homunculus escapes Wolfram’s wrath.
They enter a room (9) with an ornate chest standing in the middle of the room. It has writing on it that Sha’rim understands. The writing reads “Rats.” Upon opening it, undead rats pour out. They are barely contained as the chest is set on fire, but a substantial amount manage to escape.
The next room (10) has a lever in it. The moment they entered the room, a countdown begins and all doors lock. Every time they pull the lever, the countdown resets. As the countdown reaches 0, the doors open. The homunculus is here but escapes into another room.
The continue to a room (11) with a Priest of Dibuk in the form of a Spectre. He talks to them and tells them about the glory of Dibuk and how to become a Spectre.
After some backtracking through rooms (10, 8, 1) they come to a room (2) full of restless spirits that harasses them.
They then return to a previously visited room (10) and continue into alibrary (4) with Necromantic knowledge and true history of the Lich King. The homunculus is here but escapes into another room.


The Council of the Jarl
Chapter 10

The theater group at the Sleeping Boar mocks Leonardo who leaves the inn and hears the screaming of a woman giving birth. Leonardo saves the mother and notices that she is giving birth to a shapeshifting baby (wolf-clan).

Sha’rim makes a deal to buy new armor with a drunk armor-smith.

In the morning, Leon performs illusory magic for a group of kids, using his psychomancy.

The father of the newborn child greets them and thanks Leonardo, tells them he has been sent by Jarl Leif to escort them to Eaglecliff Hall, where the council will be held.

Brandur, Estrid, Jorne, Sha’rim and Leif gather for council with their advisors. Brandur has his bard Joralf and a hooded man with him. Estrid only has her wolf. Jorne is advised by an older woman and Leif is advised by Grimhild. There is an older man standing to the side.

Jorne is antagonistic toward the group, but also expresses a strong hate toward Daach and the Empire. Somewhat of a Kamorian purist.

Estrid takes an interest in Wolfram but is otherwise a quiet person, more observing and asking occassional questions than actively discussing things.

Brandur sees the benefits in trading – not just with the Empire but also other kingdoms. Jorne says he is weak and that a true Kamorian takes what they want instead of trading for it.

The Jarl holds a council on how to fight the demons. Sha’rim reveals that they can turn humans into demons, and that if the leader is killed the pack dies too. He also tells them that all the leaders so far have been wearing a cross of Daach. Grimhild is at the council and suggests to fight demons with undead. Leif concludes that either the Empire is sending these demons to weaken them, or his neighbors to the north are trying to make him go to war with the Empire to then conquer his lands.

He tells all the Chiefs to strengthen Estrid’s defenses, since she is the one standing between the demons and the rest of the Jarldom.

The Black Bear Elder gives them the quest to find the Spear of Sorrow. Jarl Leif decides that someone shall sail to the island of the Forgotten Castle to retrieve the Spear of Sorrow, to better fight the demons. Sha’rim accepts this mission.

The Jarl then wishes to speak to Sha’rim and tells him he needs to marry. He offers several different brides: Estrid’s 5-year old daughter, Jorne’s 27-year old daughter, a 22-year old Chief’s daughter from the north, neighboring Winter Forest, or a heroine of great courage of a suspicious nature who is 26 years old. Sha’rim chooses the heroine, who joins them to retrieve the Spear of Sorrow.

May Downtime

Start of month resources:
22 commodity

Income: 57.6
Hunting 56.6 commodity (14 hunters, 101%)
Farming 0 commodity (6 farmers, 80%)
Toll 1 Commodity (60 Lux x0.5, 100%)

Expenses: 42
20 people x 2 commodities
Hekla x 1 luxury

End of month resources:
37.6 commodity, 0 luxury

18 gold
102 silver

Toward Eaglecliff Keep
Chapter 9

Leonardo returns from the woods and cures Sha’rim of his infection received when battling against the demons.

Lahwan returns from Dunthorpe with his Kamorian hunter woman and the tirachs.
He reports that there are two inquisitors and a dozen imperial soldiers in Dunthorpe.

Sha’rim decides to travel to Eaglecliff Keep the fast way, through the fishing village.
On their way, they find the forest twisted and ripped up animal corpses with their guts hanging from the branches.
Wolfram and Leon can tell the demons have marked these lands as consumed and it was 2 days ago they were here, now they have moved east.

As they get to the village, Wolfram scouts ahead and everyone in the village is dead.
Leonardo tries to save one wounded villager, but during the surgery an artery is punctured and the patient dies of blood loss.
Leonardo then loots the village and finds a treasure map.
Leon piles all the bodies and Wolfram burns them the Kamorian way.
Leonardo takes a boat and goes on the water, then gets drawn down into the depths by his mermaid lover, Nerissa.
Wolfram and Sha’rim has a lengthy discussion about something.

As they go to Eaglecliff, Leon manages to handle the ship since no one has seamanship.
Upon arrival, soldiers ask them their purpose and Sha’rim replies that he’s the chief of winter forest, visiting the Jarl.
They welcome him and offers him to stay at the Sleeping Boar Inn, where a theater group is performing.

A pirate smuggler who knows Leon starts talking to them and gets the instructions from Sha’rim to delay the inquisitors in Dunthorpe and to go to Westbay for further supplies.

Leonardo emerges from the depths from inside the mouth of a whale.

The theater group is putting on a show about a doctor killing his patients, manically laughing.

Chapter 8

Wolfram, Vulfe and 10 kamorian hunters arrive at the Winter Forest and Sha’rim makes a deal to allow them to hunt.

Leon wrote to his wife to come to Kamor.

Jarl Leif invites them to his keep once they defeat the demons.

Leon’s lumen returns and says that the demons are at the throneroom of winter, moving east from there. Miwel know they were at the throneroom.

Wolfram, Vulfe, Sha’rim, Leon and some hunters go to Hekla’s hut where they suspect the demons went, and find Hekla under the rubble of her destroyed homestead. She had her life spared thanks to telling the demons about Spring’s throneroom.

They move to Spring’s throneroom and get there before the demons. They fight the demons and then Ylva is killed.
Wolfram kills the demon leader which destroys all of them. The demon leader has a cross of Daach around his neck.

The Jarl visits
Chapter 7

Day 1
Miwel tracks down the tirachs and breaks the leg of one of them – then tells them to report to Sha’rim.
The tirachs come to the fort and swear loyalty to Sha’rim.
The Jarl visits and eats boiled lion with turnips and lemons in a wine sauce.
Sha’rim is given a horse, a sword and a shield with his sigil – a locust and a scythe.
Sha’rim convinces the Jarl to not hunt the biggest animals.
The Jarl wins a gambling game with bones.

Day 2
They go out into the woods to hunt and manage to track down a family of boars.
The Jarl targets the uncle and manage to kill him.
Sha’rim is attacked by the father and successfully sends his snake to poison the boar, scaring it off.
The tirachs are under attack, Miwel and Leon investigate to find demons surrounding the tirachs.
The tirachs have killed one demon with a boulder trap.
Leon and Miwel attack the demons and lure them away from the tirachs.
When the rest of the group comes to their aid, the demons retreat.
The tirachs are nowhere to be found.


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