Winter Forest

A forest where the seasons come to life


The Winter Forest is a fief under the Jarl of Eaglecliff Keep to the east. The Jarl has the right to free hunting in the Winter Forest, and although the forest has been left alone these past 8 years, the Jarl’s eyes may turn to it again now that the curse is broken. The Vassal owes the Jarl his allegiance and is expected to attend the Jarl’s court and assist in him resolving disputes and giving advice, as well as paying tax.

This valley is 7 miles wide and 10 miles long, meaning about 35,000 acres (about 1/8 of Jefferson County) of prime forest (Hunting 4, Pasture 4, Farming 3), even though it now needs some time to recover from the 8 year long winter.

The wildlife could employ 350 hunters, each costing 60 silver per month (2 Commodity) and each providing meat, fur and skins worth 30 silver (1 Com) x Hunting 4 x Skill roll (+1% per success point, -10% per failure point). With 5 success points the hunting would be worth 30 × 4 × 1.05 = 126 silver for that month. The difficulty for each season is: Spring 12, Summer 8, Fall 10, Winter 14.

Clearing the forest takes 3 men working for a month per acre, each costing 30 silver per month (1 Commodity), giving 6 loads of wood worth 30 silver (1 Com) each. 120 spread out acres can be cleared per month without impacting the size of the forest, taking only large trees here and there. Alternatively, an acre can be prepared for pastures or farming, which takes 3 men working for a month per acre, each costing 30 silver per month, in addition to clearing the forest. This becomes progressively more difficult.

The landlord can demand his serfs to work his land. The normal burden is for one serf to work one acre of the landlords farms/pastures. The bounty of farming/pastures is only reaped once per year. The peasant working at the landlord’s farm must be fed which costs 2 commodity per year. Roll farming against difficulty of 10 during fall, and earn 1 commodity x farming/pasture quality x acres of land. Generally, 1/3 of the land must be used for farming and 1/3 for pastures.

The average family of 5 working members would live on and work 25 acres of land. This family can be taxed for 10% of what their farm produces, meaning farming/pasture quality x acres / 10.

The nearest town, Dunthorpe, provides a market of 120 Commodity and 60 Luxury per month. The Winter Forest doesn’t have it’s own market as of now. Sha’rim can charge a toll of local commodity market x 5 silver + regional luxury market x 0.5 silver. For the winter forest, this means 30 silver per month from the Dunthorpe market.

Silver earned through hunting, woodcutting etc is recorded as “Commodity” where 1 Commodity = 30 silver ( the cost of simple living for a month). Silver earned through vineyards etc is recorded as “Luxury” where 1 Luxury = 60 silver.

The troll cave held items equal to 12 commodities and Gelte’s fort held 6 commodities and 2 luxuries.

Each person has to decide their living cost every month.
Simple: 1 Com, 0 Lux (30 silver)
Normal: 2 Com, 0 Lux (60 silver)
Wealthy: 2 Com, 2 Lux (180 silver)
Noble: 2 Com, 4 Lux (300 silver)
Royal: 4 Com, 8 Lux (600 silver)



Winter Forest

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