Village of the Black Bear tribe, around 200 people


The village of Dunthorpe is situated on a hill with a stronghold on top. The village is surrounded by farmland and close to a great weald. The population is around 200 and there are about 50 able-bodied men and 30 able-bodied women who can fight for the Chief. Of these, 10 men and 5 women are the Chief’s thanes. The village has three tirach hunters living in the outskirts, and one wandering elven pilgrim that has decided to stay there for the moment.

Dunthorpe is ruled by Chief Brandur Gormson of House Greyskull. His father died in the weald and has been haunting the village for some time – especially Brandur’s dreams. He wants a proper burial together with his sword and armor, and vengeance. Brandur wants to restore honor to his family name and is being advised by Grimhild the Shaman, but his uncle, Joralf the Bard, won’t let him get in danger.

The rumor is that the tirachs living in the weald killed Gorm when he was hunting. These tirachs often harass travelers on their way to Dunthorpe with traps and tries to steal from anyone passing those roads, especially at night.


The population distribution is
80 people of ages 0-15,
60 people of ages 16-30,
40 people of ages 31-45 and
20 people of ages 46 and above.


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