Gender ambiguous scholar


(Note, I will use ‘(s)he/, him/her and his/her’ to refer to Zal, as (s)he has no obvious gender)

Growing up, Zal had always been fascinated by magic, but his parents always forbid Zal from pursuing it, because they knew what it would do to him/her. His/her parents parents wanted him to enter the trade of selling jewelry instead. One day, his/her parents got a special customer. He was dark and powerful, and he bought everything in his/her parents’ store (for an astronomical price of course). He had a way of attracting people so when he asked, it was only natural for Zal to run away from home and join him in his sacred duty ((s)he later found out that it was just a cult).

From the cult leader who’s name always seems to mysteriously escape Zal, (s)he learned a lot about magic. The first years in the cult were amazing, with new experiences every day, but as time went on, the cult leader seemed to gain an interest in Zal. An unhealthy interest. After many years of the cult leader’s advances, Zal had enough. (S)He decided to leave the cult, flee from the cult leader, and to never come back.


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