Vulfe An Torc

Stocky young man of smaller stature who walks with a silent, awkward gait.


Vulfe is based on a Shade archetype, focusing on being a guide and a scout.

Weapons and Armor
Hunting Spear
Hand Ax
Short Bow

Hunting Kit
Camping Kit


Vulfe is the result of the unlikely love affair between a Kamorian and an elf. Raised by his elven mother, young Vulfe displayed none of the patience from his maternal side, so was always too restless to join his mother in her alchemical studies, and he spent most of his early years in the woods.
It was on these trundles that Vulfe happened upon a Kamorian warrior. This warrior recognized Vulfe as a Kamorian of the Boar clan. For years, Vulfe der Ebers lived with his clan, making friends with the local Boars. None of them had ever heard of his father. From his family, he learned the forest: how to eat, how to hide, and how to hunt.

A year ago, circumstances forced Vulfe to leave home and begin a life travelling.
In the last twelve months, Vulfe has had to push his skills to their limit, however he is just beginning to grapple with his past, heritage, and his place in the world.

Vulfe appears as a shorter young man with broad shoulders and chest. His gait is clumsy, but his practiced step is as quiet as a firefly’s match. He wears a cloak the color of his forest home, and on his chest he wears the crest of a boar outlined by a necklace with a boar’s foot dangling from it. Other small totems hang from his belt, where a knife and hand ax are strapped. On his back, he carries a bow and quiver, and in his hand he loosely grips his hunting spear.

Vulfe has a love of song and drink, especially when the two are mixed. On one memorable occasion, he drank enough to make the claim that he could make the best roast pheasant this side of the Empire, what with his ability to get the freshest ingredients. The claim was challenged and a competition ensued, however that is a story too long to be told hear and has a few scenes too racy for younger readers.

Vulfe An Torc

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