Chief Sha'rim Trollbane

A soldier gone mercenary runs a small group of mercs.


Owns a pair of magical gloves that can give him a glimpse of the recent past of an object or person he touches.

Scythe and Locust.


Sha’rim was soldier just like his father. During the war he saw many things and found this allegiance to the cause wasn’t fulfilling his true purpose. Allegiance to any ideal appears to end with no real gain except for the degradation of the people and the filling of coffers.
To free himself from any sworn allegiance Sha’rim started a mercenary group with the sole intention of manipulating the flow of money into his and his fellows hands. This group was unnamed for a few years until one incident in a pub many days after his band of mercenaries had left. The details of this encounter are not very well known, but the rumors have spread. They called them “The Scourge” and Sha’rim accepted this name. In small communities across the lands he has left a mark which will influence the destiny of those who he has encountered.
His purpose may be unclear to those who have met him, but that which moves the world he seeks and with that burning desire he will rule the lands if time allows it.

Chief Sha'rim Trollbane

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