Leonardo Amorta III

The Doctor



“I shall pass judgment of who is good and who is wicked. For this world is too full evil people. If no one else is willing to use powers available I will be the one. With my friend I shall be the arbiter of life and death. I will gain knowledge until I can kill the living and raise the dead. Everyone will know there is someone who has this power and live in my new world or die in opposition to it. I am the arbiter of morality and mortality, the gatekeeper of Tartarus, the Dark Mirror, the Angel of Death, Doctor death, Donn Muerto, the Necessary One, the finger of Hades., or if you like you may simply call me Darkfinger.” -Leonardo Amorta


An only child of a wealthy family Leonardo was one of the top honors students in his class. He grew up in the forest until moving to a large heavily populated city at age 14. He was appalled by the contrast between the natural world and the human world. In the woods an owl kills only to feed himself and his family and keeps the rabbit population down to save the plant life. The owl at the top of the food chain keeps balance in the forest. By killing he gives life to a larger entity. The human world is overpopulated with tyrants who destroy the balance and harmony of the world. In such chaos there is endless unnecessary suffering. Such a world must collapse one day. What if owls became like man started killing every animal all the time? Who would kill the owls?

Leonardo Amorta III

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