Danse Macabre

Troll Toll!

Chapter 22

Hjordis sends Wolfram’s troops ahead to scout a bridge and a troll appears and eats one of their horses.

The troll on the bridge between Dunthorpe and Wolfwater asks to either be paid or have his (stupid) riddle answered – if you pick it you gotta lick it (nose, snot) and then wants to learn new and better riddles to let them pass. Wolfram tells him a riddle – it’s yellow and strong and can eat a bard (the troll’s teeth) which the troll cannot guess and is delighted to learn the answer and thus lets them pass.

Rhett runs away into the woods and Leon sends Kamorians to search for him, but as he chooses to be away from his parents the Kamorians respect this but do deliver the message that Leon wants to see Rhett. Rhett decides to meet with Leon the next day, without the mom present. Then he asks Leon to contact him via telepathy every now and then, but says he wants to grow up on his own right now.

Leon gives Rhett his bow and wants to get a new elvish one. He finds Miwel and Luneria and decides to go off with them to acquire an elvish bow, and Lorelle becomes very jealous and decides to not come with him. Bronya is throwing a great party to celebrate her return and Wolfram gives a horse to Lorelle with a red saddle.


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