Danse Macabre

The Serpent Clan

Chapter 19

Hjordis arrives
This hunter is a traveller from the Western Kamoria where the Jarl of the Snake clan rules.
She is bored with life there and wants to find something interesting to do.
She refuses shaking Sha’rims gloved hand, refuses the Jarl’s request to scout the Imperial town, refuses Xarael’s request to grab the spear, but finally agreed to Hekla’s offer to stay in her tent for the night,
In the morning she talks to Hekla about necromancy and learns there are many ways of magic and that the best way to learn is from a dragon, which they both want to search for.

Meeting Leif again
Leif will be working independently and lead his own men against the Imperials as an infiltration and flanking unit, attacking from the harbor. Leif claims that Sha’rim is his subordinate. As Sha’rim tries to find out Leif’s weaknesses (that he can’t do anything except duel by himself). Xarael takes control and starts transforming Sha’rim into a tentacle demon with bark skin, and with the help of Hekla and the Hive MInd demon (Ira Spiritus) he breaks Xarael’s control.

Sha’rim gives the order to Hekla to pillage the countryside and capture all children to be indoctrinated, sacrifice 1/3 of adults to Dibuk, enlist 1/3 as slave farmers, and turning the remaining 1/3 to undead soldiers.

Storming the Imperial town
Strengths: Siege weapons, walls, discipline, open fields surrounding the town, reinforcements will arrive, and well organized preparation.
Weaknesses: Harbor with a few remaining ships, gate is moderately strong, countryside undefended and mostly emptied of people, no magic, fewer soldiers.


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