Danse Macabre

The Fall of Sha'rim

Chapter 20

Sha’rim is preparing for battle and Leif has left to infiltrate the harbor.

The tirachs arrive at night and set up their camp, but won’t be able to join the fight.

Sha’rim and Wolfram lead the troops to the gate while Leif attacks from the harbor.

Hjordis talks to Luneria and finds out that the dwarves in the north will know how to find the dragon, who lives in the caves and lack wings. Leon stays in the camp and talks to his family. They notice that troops are deserting. They can’t get a clear view of these silently marching troops.

Meanwhile Sha’rim launches Wolfram onto the wall above the gate where he disposes of the soldiers positioned to pour boiling oil on the attackers. As they break through the gate and Leif comes to kill the remaining troops on the wall, Wolfram notices ships coming from the harbor full of undead. At this time Hekla arrives and tells them she lost control over the undead and they decide to leave battlefield and have Leif lead the army.

Meanwhile, Hjordis and Leon are deserting and fleeing north with Leon’s family.

One of the soldiers tell Sha’rim that he can’t leave them and that Bronya is inside the city. Sha’rim and Wolfram go into the city and find Bronya, at the same time as the Lich King steps off his boat and has the undead army surround the Kamorians, and resurrects any dead soldiers as his undead slaves. Sha’rim allows the spear to control him to kill Leif and take his soul in order to become stronger.

Wolfram leaves with Bronya who reluctantly agree and they eventually catch up with Hjordis, Leon and Leon’s family. 12 of Wolfram’s elite soldiers find their way to his camp later at night, as well as Hekla who used magic to fly there. Bronya saw Luneria inside the city as Sha’rim lost control and the demon took over.


“The Brave and Awesome Leon Saving His Family from War”

After a long consideration, Leon decided to leave Sha’rim whom he has been following for a while now, in order to avoid the inevitable war against the imperials and save his family from it.

On the night of attack, Leon didn’t fight in the front row but watched the battle from the distance. With his night vision, he then saw a horde of soldiers deserted from the battle but couldn’t tell who they were. Feeling something was off, Leon got Hjordis and run back to the camp to get Lorelle and Rhett. Then they run to the north through the tirachs’ camp. To avoid any confrontation, Leon decided to talk to the tirachs and go through instead of around their camp site.

Shulger came out and asked Leon what the problem was. Leon explained to him about the horde that he saw at the battle field and that he suspected that the Lich King had returned. Leon asked for Shulger’s permission to go through their campsite and flee to the north. Shulger said yes, but Leon should expect to be called as deserter then.

Leon, with shocked Rhett on his back, run towards the mountains with Lorelle and Hjordis.

After running for a while, Leon heard someone coming behind them. Rhett became alert and after a few seconds, jumped off from his dad’s back and run to Wolfram who was running closer.

Wolfram’s elites also caught up. Together they decided to camp and rest for the night. Then Hekla came up in the air with her magic. She said that Sha’rim has failed without giving any further details.

—to be continued next session.

The Fall of Sha'rim
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