Danse Macabre

Strike against the Empire

Chapter 17

After killing Estrid and practially owning all of Leif’s Jarldom except Eaglecliff, Sha’rim decides that he needs to strengthen himself while sending a message to Leif.

Together wtih the Wolf-clan, the Deer-clan and the Bear-clan, Sha’rim travels to the nearest Imperial outpost to steal ships from them. Upon successfully infiltrating their ships at night, he discovers that they are full of soldiers and that he is outnumbered.

As these ships are planning to sail against Kamoria, Sha’rim and Wolfram decides to poison their food and water supplies and the following morning attacks them while they are weakened. Three of the five ships are sunk with fire arrows, and the remaining two are boarded to be taken over.

Wolfram slices through the Imperial shield formation and faces the Paladin of Daach inside the circle of shields while the rest of the troops use the opening to pierce through and slaughter the nauseus Imperials. The Paladin manages to almost kill Wolfram on several occasions, but is in the end killed by Rhett, Wolfram’s disciple and Leon’s son.


Puppet_Master Puppet_Master

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