Danse Macabre

Stealing ships

Chapter 18

Sha’rim will face a Bishop of Daach who turns into a demon with tentacles. Sha’rim would be wise to abandon ship and let this Greater Deamon sink since it cannot swim (Xarael tells him). The Bishop reveals she was sailing to aid the Jarl and that an alliance was made. The Jarl was behind pretty much everything all along.

The Tirachs come and want to claim the wilderness of the Jarldom to be allied with the Kamorians against Leif. There is distrust that Sha’rim has to bridge. The Kamorians will have to give up their hunting rights to the Tirachs for a true alliance, otherwise they can fight this battle for a price and then leave. Sha’rim agees to give the hunting grounds to the Tirachs.


Puppet_Master Puppet_Master

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