Danse Macabre

Meeting Gabriel (again)

Chapter 21

Shulger the Khan – explains Sha’rim is dead and demons are ravaging, also state that he is ruler of South Kamoria now. Jorne is not as powerful as him. Shulger will not admit that the dwarves drove them out of North Kamoria, which Hekla reveals to them later. Shulger will want their support and have them send more Tirachs down to the southern lands that are still in the North.

Meeting with Jorne, who is now the ruler of Eaglecliff and Jarl of South Kamoria. He is wanting to form alliances and conquer the oceans. He knows why Shulger has lead his people to the South and plans to use him as a meat shield against the empire, the lich and the demons. Jorne wants their support and is concerned about the Tirachs. Asks Hjordis to contact her Jarl of the West to send troops to his aid, as well as asking the Jarl of the North.

Eigill is Chief of Westbay, Joralf is Chief of Dunthorpe, Bronya is still officially Chief of Wolfwater, and Lahwan is Chief of Winter Forest.

The Spectre Gabriel shows himself at the watchtower and works on converting the group to faithful followers of Dibuk. He reveals to them the wonders of Dibuk and can contact the dead. He offers to give each one an amulet with a heptagram with a skull inside. When he tries to contact Sha’rim the soul image is set aflame by the demonic influence. Bronya accepts his amulet, and he sets his base in Dunthorpe to spread the worship of Dibuk.


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