Danse Macabre

Killing Estrid

Chapter 16

Jorne will defend Dunthorpe, Westbay and Winter Forest while Sha’rim is on the warpath.
Will get Dunthorpe when Sha’rim becomes Jarl.

Sha’rim invites Estrid but she wants him to come to her.
Bronya will fight Estrid to the death for the title of Chief.

Sha’rim calls on his demon to discover that Estrid is pregnant and tells Bronya who uses this in the battle.

Sha’rim now has
20 Westbay Elite soldiers
80 Dunthorpe soldiers
120 Wolfwater soldiers
200 Undead soldiers

Captains: Hekla (and 5 necroprentices), Bronya, Wolfram, Jorne


Puppet_Master Puppet_Master

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