Danse Macabre

The Beginning of the End of Time
Chapter 25

They meet a Dwarven alchemist with a company of 50 well-armed dwarven soldiers. He is the Elder, 250 years old. He wants to investigate the Winter Forest and the magical properties of the seasons. As he greets the party he asks them for their names, and calls the one without name as Nameless and looks at him through a magical monocle. He then brings up a crystal sphere with runes floating through it. He tells Nameless to meet the First Dwarf of his Clan.

The Alchemist sends an escort of 16 dwarves to take them to the first Dwarf of their Clan, older than 10,000 years, who still remembers the last darkness and who has been sustained through Alchemy in a metallic body.
Bronya sends a raven saying that Wolfwater is flooded and she has moved to the Winter Forest.

On their way, the sky is darkened by an eclipse. The earth shakes, and the sky is covered in ashes that rain down. They see lights in the darkness, luring them to come. Nameless loses one of his men. There is complete darkness and only the red eyes of the Dwarves can find their way. After the earthquake, there are lights in the sky, fire raining down upon them. Nameless is dancing in the fire rain, avoiding all the fireballs. Ghee’drum takes shelter under the dwarven shield formation, and helps a female dwarf as her beard catches fire. Leon runs to a cave and his son is hit by fire on their way. Leon uses his elven power to heal his son, and now looks older.

The First Dwarf explains that an Aeon lasts for 10,000 years and that the God of Time, who is sleeping and dreaming this whole existence, wants to wake up in his nightmare and thus weakens the foundations of Creation. He is chained in a cage and will be forced to fall asleep again, but during this time the barrier between worlds is weak.

He shows them a crystal ball mirror with the Empire being consumed by what is known as the Scourge – Sha’rim’s demonic army. The Tirachs and Kamorians are holding the southern border against these demons. They see the unrecognizable face of Sha’rim, the Demon Prince. The Lich King and his army is has started to march to the western shores of North Kamoria, in an attempt to take the Dwarven Stronghold that is held by the Dragon.

The Aeonic Dwarf tells Nameless that he is unique, having No Name, he can become Anyone. He can become the Lost God of Order now that Sha’rim has reincarnated as the God of Chaos, who spread his essence across the Empire initially held secure but later abused by the corrupted priesthood. The God of Order put his entire essence in one piece, as fitting, guarded by the Dwarves at first, but now taken by the greed of the Dragon.

The First Dwarf explains that Sha’rim is now an incarnation of the God of Chaos, and that Chaos was defeated in the last Aeon by the other Gods and banished into several fragments, held safe by the followers of the God of Light (Daach). However, the God of Chaos corrupted these followers into using the fragments, known as demons, and eventually Sha’rim gathered enough of them within himself to give the God of Chaos self-awareness again.

The God of Stasis was held safe by the dwarves in one core, kept safe in the stronghold now taken by the dragon. This core is the main reason they advanced technologically, and also what has been keeping the First Dwarf alive for so long.

They are ready to head to the fallen stronghold and confront both the dragon and the lich king, in order for Nameless to become a God. The First Dwarf is asking Nameless to give back their stronghold once he becomes a God, and to give up his Scythe of Death that Dibuk gave him. There may be one more requirement….

Going North
Chapter 24

As they enter the Winter Forest, they meet Summer and have a good time. Summer tells Nameless that the God of Life has to live in harmony with the Goddess of Death. Exposition about the order of the Gods.

There are 7 gods, Time, Death, Life, Light, Darkness and two forgotten gods.

Rhett decides to sacrifice Helga to Dibuk rather than marrying her.

On their way out they meet Fall.

As they head out to North Kamoria, they encounter a group of dwarves.

A feast at Wolfwater
Chapter 23

Hjordis encounters the Tirach Mulush whom she betrayed when stealing dwarven artifacts for her Jarl, and got him accused of stealing from the dwarves which started the dwarven war against the tirachs and drove them south. She decides to try to avoid Mulush and hides under a table.

During the feast with Bronya, all the wine and mead in everyone’s glass and pitcher turns to blood, as they hear a scream of anguish. This pretty much ends the party.

Despite Lorelle wanting Leon to stay with her, he goes to the woods to learn how to craft elven bows with Miwel and Luneria. They philosophize about the stars and Leon returns to the party when he hears the scream.

Lorelle is nowhere to be found in the morning (Leon doesn’t notice due to his elven party). She went to the winter forest to meet up with Rhett and kidnapped Helga (who is betrothed to Rhett).

Bronya becomes sick, her wound from Estrid starting to become infected. There is bad magic around. Ghee’drum can see that the hate of Estrid has connected her to Bronya and Wolfram has to sever the soul bond between her and Estrid so that Dibuk can embrace Estrid as she leaves the mortal plane.

Wolfram tries to caputre an orphan and sacrifice her to Dibuk, but Leon stops him with the help of Kamorians that are on Estrids side. In order to gain the powers he needs, Dibuk asks Wolfram to sacrifice his name instead of a human sacrifice. Wolfram agrees and becomes even more mentally deranged.

Troll Toll!
Chapter 22

Hjordis sends Wolfram’s troops ahead to scout a bridge and a troll appears and eats one of their horses.

The troll on the bridge between Dunthorpe and Wolfwater asks to either be paid or have his (stupid) riddle answered – if you pick it you gotta lick it (nose, snot) and then wants to learn new and better riddles to let them pass. Wolfram tells him a riddle – it’s yellow and strong and can eat a bard (the troll’s teeth) which the troll cannot guess and is delighted to learn the answer and thus lets them pass.

Rhett runs away into the woods and Leon sends Kamorians to search for him, but as he chooses to be away from his parents the Kamorians respect this but do deliver the message that Leon wants to see Rhett. Rhett decides to meet with Leon the next day, without the mom present. Then he asks Leon to contact him via telepathy every now and then, but says he wants to grow up on his own right now.

Leon gives Rhett his bow and wants to get a new elvish one. He finds Miwel and Luneria and decides to go off with them to acquire an elvish bow, and Lorelle becomes very jealous and decides to not come with him. Bronya is throwing a great party to celebrate her return and Wolfram gives a horse to Lorelle with a red saddle.

Meeting Gabriel (again)
Chapter 21

Shulger the Khan – explains Sha’rim is dead and demons are ravaging, also state that he is ruler of South Kamoria now. Jorne is not as powerful as him. Shulger will not admit that the dwarves drove them out of North Kamoria, which Hekla reveals to them later. Shulger will want their support and have them send more Tirachs down to the southern lands that are still in the North.

Meeting with Jorne, who is now the ruler of Eaglecliff and Jarl of South Kamoria. He is wanting to form alliances and conquer the oceans. He knows why Shulger has lead his people to the South and plans to use him as a meat shield against the empire, the lich and the demons. Jorne wants their support and is concerned about the Tirachs. Asks Hjordis to contact her Jarl of the West to send troops to his aid, as well as asking the Jarl of the North.

Eigill is Chief of Westbay, Joralf is Chief of Dunthorpe, Bronya is still officially Chief of Wolfwater, and Lahwan is Chief of Winter Forest.

The Spectre Gabriel shows himself at the watchtower and works on converting the group to faithful followers of Dibuk. He reveals to them the wonders of Dibuk and can contact the dead. He offers to give each one an amulet with a heptagram with a skull inside. When he tries to contact Sha’rim the soul image is set aflame by the demonic influence. Bronya accepts his amulet, and he sets his base in Dunthorpe to spread the worship of Dibuk.

The Fall of Sha'rim
Chapter 20

Sha’rim is preparing for battle and Leif has left to infiltrate the harbor.

The tirachs arrive at night and set up their camp, but won’t be able to join the fight.

Sha’rim and Wolfram lead the troops to the gate while Leif attacks from the harbor.

Hjordis talks to Luneria and finds out that the dwarves in the north will know how to find the dragon, who lives in the caves and lack wings. Leon stays in the camp and talks to his family. They notice that troops are deserting. They can’t get a clear view of these silently marching troops.

Meanwhile Sha’rim launches Wolfram onto the wall above the gate where he disposes of the soldiers positioned to pour boiling oil on the attackers. As they break through the gate and Leif comes to kill the remaining troops on the wall, Wolfram notices ships coming from the harbor full of undead. At this time Hekla arrives and tells them she lost control over the undead and they decide to leave battlefield and have Leif lead the army.

Meanwhile, Hjordis and Leon are deserting and fleeing north with Leon’s family.

One of the soldiers tell Sha’rim that he can’t leave them and that Bronya is inside the city. Sha’rim and Wolfram go into the city and find Bronya, at the same time as the Lich King steps off his boat and has the undead army surround the Kamorians, and resurrects any dead soldiers as his undead slaves. Sha’rim allows the spear to control him to kill Leif and take his soul in order to become stronger.

Wolfram leaves with Bronya who reluctantly agree and they eventually catch up with Hjordis, Leon and Leon’s family. 12 of Wolfram’s elite soldiers find their way to his camp later at night, as well as Hekla who used magic to fly there. Bronya saw Luneria inside the city as Sha’rim lost control and the demon took over.

The Serpent Clan
Chapter 19

Hjordis arrives
This hunter is a traveller from the Western Kamoria where the Jarl of the Snake clan rules.
She is bored with life there and wants to find something interesting to do.
She refuses shaking Sha’rims gloved hand, refuses the Jarl’s request to scout the Imperial town, refuses Xarael’s request to grab the spear, but finally agreed to Hekla’s offer to stay in her tent for the night,
In the morning she talks to Hekla about necromancy and learns there are many ways of magic and that the best way to learn is from a dragon, which they both want to search for.

Meeting Leif again
Leif will be working independently and lead his own men against the Imperials as an infiltration and flanking unit, attacking from the harbor. Leif claims that Sha’rim is his subordinate. As Sha’rim tries to find out Leif’s weaknesses (that he can’t do anything except duel by himself). Xarael takes control and starts transforming Sha’rim into a tentacle demon with bark skin, and with the help of Hekla and the Hive MInd demon (Ira Spiritus) he breaks Xarael’s control.

Sha’rim gives the order to Hekla to pillage the countryside and capture all children to be indoctrinated, sacrifice 1/3 of adults to Dibuk, enlist 1/3 as slave farmers, and turning the remaining 1/3 to undead soldiers.

Storming the Imperial town
Strengths: Siege weapons, walls, discipline, open fields surrounding the town, reinforcements will arrive, and well organized preparation.
Weaknesses: Harbor with a few remaining ships, gate is moderately strong, countryside undefended and mostly emptied of people, no magic, fewer soldiers.

Stealing ships
Chapter 18

Sha’rim will face a Bishop of Daach who turns into a demon with tentacles. Sha’rim would be wise to abandon ship and let this Greater Deamon sink since it cannot swim (Xarael tells him). The Bishop reveals she was sailing to aid the Jarl and that an alliance was made. The Jarl was behind pretty much everything all along.

The Tirachs come and want to claim the wilderness of the Jarldom to be allied with the Kamorians against Leif. There is distrust that Sha’rim has to bridge. The Kamorians will have to give up their hunting rights to the Tirachs for a true alliance, otherwise they can fight this battle for a price and then leave. Sha’rim agees to give the hunting grounds to the Tirachs.

Strike against the Empire
Chapter 17

After killing Estrid and practially owning all of Leif’s Jarldom except Eaglecliff, Sha’rim decides that he needs to strengthen himself while sending a message to Leif.

Together wtih the Wolf-clan, the Deer-clan and the Bear-clan, Sha’rim travels to the nearest Imperial outpost to steal ships from them. Upon successfully infiltrating their ships at night, he discovers that they are full of soldiers and that he is outnumbered.

As these ships are planning to sail against Kamoria, Sha’rim and Wolfram decides to poison their food and water supplies and the following morning attacks them while they are weakened. Three of the five ships are sunk with fire arrows, and the remaining two are boarded to be taken over.

Wolfram slices through the Imperial shield formation and faces the Paladin of Daach inside the circle of shields while the rest of the troops use the opening to pierce through and slaughter the nauseus Imperials. The Paladin manages to almost kill Wolfram on several occasions, but is in the end killed by Rhett, Wolfram’s disciple and Leon’s son.

Killing Estrid
Chapter 16

Jorne will defend Dunthorpe, Westbay and Winter Forest while Sha’rim is on the warpath.
Will get Dunthorpe when Sha’rim becomes Jarl.

Sha’rim invites Estrid but she wants him to come to her.
Bronya will fight Estrid to the death for the title of Chief.

Sha’rim calls on his demon to discover that Estrid is pregnant and tells Bronya who uses this in the battle.

Sha’rim now has
20 Westbay Elite soldiers
80 Dunthorpe soldiers
120 Wolfwater soldiers
200 Undead soldiers

Captains: Hekla (and 5 necroprentices), Bronya, Wolfram, Jorne


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